What to do in the February Garden

Some things you might like to do.  Note: Many seeds that can be sown now can also be sown later.

Ornamentals  and Vegetable seeds

Sweet pea,                     Aubergines

Snap dragons                Cucumbers

Tagetes                         Tomatoes

Delphiniums        Chillies/Peppers

Verbena bonariensis     Onion sets

Icelandic poppies        Broad Beans

Geraniums                   Broccoli

Lilly bulbs                    Kale

Cosmos                      Spinach

Buy snow drops in pots, miniature daffodils( Narcissi) , Iris.

Note : Seeds germinates best at this time of year with some bottom heat – radiator , heating mat, or a propagator. especially  Chillies,Peppers and Tomatoes.Cover pot/seed tray, to help reduce drying out of compost and seed.

  • Cut back ornamental grasses
  • Keep weeding – use your osslating hoe – ideally on a dry day.
  • Poke your compost heaps to aerate.
  • Check your dahlia tutors are not drying out.
  • Prune fruit trees, roses, wisteria,Cornus alba – every second year.
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