Gardening Classes


12 weeks.

This course is suitable for all who are curious about their garden and environment. Those who want to enjoy more, understand why we succeed and why not. Understand how important what we do matters. Horticultural science is a huge discipline and like all science not exact.

Learning from others, their experience is as important as what is between the covers of any textbook. All notes are included and materials.

You will also bring away your own work.


Tuesday, January 29 10 – 1 pm

12 week General Gardening class

My ambition is for my students to come away from this course armed with enough knowledge to help them get more from their gardens.

An appreciation of the fascinating life, growth and colour that exists around us. Maybe even leaving more questions!

I have developed my own course notes and employ visual presentations to allow for as relaxed a learning experience.

We will spend the first part of the morning with a presentation followed with a break and continuing with a practical element depending on the time of year.