GI Cooking and Planting a mini Garden


  10 – 4 pm             19 January

Introduction to the food science around Low Gi eating.

Cooking for weight loss. Cathy Soraghan, a personal trainer and lifestyle coach is presenting her unique low gi cooking for weight loss. This morning workshop is a hands-on cooking class. Learn how to prep your fridge and organise your week with low gi, slower releasing energy recipes.
She gives endless tips on how to lose weight using foods that fill you for longer. Learn how to tweak traditional recipes and make a freezer stocked with meals to keep you energised and fuller for longer for your active week. Thereby making you less hungry and as a result, weight loss is guaranteed!!
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Annmarie Bowring will guide you with planting up a container garden

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GI Cooking and growing a container garden         10 – 4 pm             19 January

with Cathy Soroghan  and Annmarie Bowring

Nutrition and Fitness Training – ‘Women on the run’

Introduction to the food science around Low Gi eating.

with Cathy Soraghan who has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for 25 years.

Her food plans are scientifically based and have a huge reputation in South County Dublin

Cathy provides a combination of both physical training and tailored healthy eating plans.   With extensive knowledge of food science, Cathy provides food plans for busy executives and working professionals.  She has worked on RTÉ’s The Afternoon Show and The Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM both mentoring and advising people on a range of fitness and health issues.

Annmarie will be holding a practical hands-on workshop on how to plant a mini organic vegetable garden. Ideal for a balcony or for where space is limited. Emphasis will be using organic seed free from contaminants from chemical contamination. If you have a container you would like to use please bring it along.

All materials are included