Vegetative propagation, seed sowing,planting, containers



Vegetative propagation, seed sowing and                   10 – 4                21 March

planting a containers

with Annmarie Bowring

Great time of year to take cuttings of favourite plants, sow seeds and containers perfect home for colourful annuals and half-hardy perennials — both of which are sometimes called ‘patio plants’ or bedding. Most shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, grasses and even trees can be grown in containers. Fruit and vegetables can be successful too, as can some roses. Using the best compost, how to feed and water to prolong summer delight.


Vegetative propagation, seed sowing and planting up a container.      10 – 4                21 March

with Annmarie Bowring

If you have a particular container you would like to fill please bring it with you. There will be a selection of plants and ordinary containers available also.

The focus of the morning is on small garden growing – balcony ,terrace using an urban space realising its full potential.

1. Proper plant selection. Select the right plants for the container and growing conditions.
2. Selecting the right container. Further, increase your success by selecting a container large enough to accommodate your plants.
3. Potting mix invest in a quality potting mix that holds moisture yet provides adequate drainage.
4. Watering.
5. Feeding.
I suppose these are the 5 starting points to get you going. With this in mind, we will be putting to gather a selection of plants, which will bring you joy for the coming growing year.

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