Willow Weaving


Willow Weaving with Annmarie Bowring

Saturday,1 February 2020

10.00 am -1.00 pm

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Saturday, 1 February  10.00 am -1.00 pm

Willow Weaving with Annmarie Bowring

There are thousands of willow varieties that grow worldwide ranging from Arctic willows only a few inches tall to those which have been developed for biomass fuel that can grow over 12ft. in a year. We will make decorative plant supports, learn how to make a Fedge and Willow braided Belgian tree.

“Just to say what a super morning at Dalkey Garden School’s willow weaving course!!!

We made more than I would have thought possible. Such good value & a thoroughly enjoyable course! Thank you.Annmarie”

Suzanna O’Coineen

“You are a natural. One can’t but be interested because of your love of what you do, comes across very strongly” Rita Drum, 19 February 2017

“Absolutely wonderful day.Thank you Annmarie. Really useful and beautifully welcoming.   x Judy, 19 February 2017