The Tool I couldn’t live without saves me time, money and is kind to the environment.



The Red Original Oscillating Hoe. Once you’ve tried one of these you’ll wonder how you lived without it.The one tool I really use both for clearing weeds in the vegetable and flower beds but also on my gravel paths and driveway. Think of the benefit of cost saving in avoiding herbicides and the joy of the unexpected seedling.

How to use: Stand in an upright position holding the long handle. Move the hoe backwards and forwards using small movements (10-15cms) so that the hinged bladed moves back and forwards in the soil. The blade is parallel to the ground and cuts the weeds off at the root.

  • The blade of the hoe works parallel to the ground.
  • Weeds are undercut by pushing/pulling the sharp blade through the top layer of the soil
  • Effect – weeds cut off and soil surface loosened for better air/water penetration.
  • Bllades are made of high tempered spring steel to stay sharp
  • Three hoe widths available: 125mm
  • Blades are screwed on for easy replacement.
  • Quality long lasting but light  ash handle. 1.7  metre.