Spring Gardening 2023

There is still availability on the Thursday morning classes.

Drop Annmarie an email: dalkeygarden@gmail.com or m. 087 2256365

Getting rid of weeds now saves so much grief later on

Mornington Garden No dig

Botanical Mono Printing and Sketching in the Garden June 2108

Mornington May 17 2018


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What to do in the February Garden

Some things you might like to do.  Note: Many seeds that can be sown now can also be sown later.

Ornamentals  and Vegetable seeds

Sweet pea,                     Aubergines

Snap dragons                Cucumbers

Tagetes                         Tomatoes

Delphiniums        Chillies/Peppers

Verbena bonariensis     Onion sets

Icelandic poppies        Broad Beans

Geraniums                   Broccoli

Lilly bulbs                    Kale

Cosmos                      Spinach

Buy snow drops in pots, miniature daffodils( Narcissi) , Iris.

Note : Seeds germinates best at this time of year with some bottom heat – radiator , heating mat, or a propagator. especially  Chillies,Peppers and Tomatoes.Cover pot/seed tray, to help reduce drying out of compost and seed.

  • Cut back ornamental grasses
  • Keep weeding – use your osslating hoe – ideally on a dry day.
  • Poke your compost heaps to aerate.
  • Check your dahlia tutors are not drying out.
  • Prune fruit trees, roses, wisteria,Cornus alba – every second year.