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A really wonderful way to have a bit of fun on this very special Blooms day. Come with Cathy a very energetic,fun lad who will retail you with Joycean stories from the area it all started from. Kick stat the... Continue reading

Garden visiting

If you can’t understand your garden  then visit one. Wake up and smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of nature on an urban scale. It’s easy and fun here in Ireland.Garden lovers adore looking at other people’s creations; it’s... Continue reading

Atlantic Youth Trust medal winning garden, Bloom in the Park 2015, designed by Annmarie Bowring, Dalkey Garden School


Delighted to have this fabulous product. Natural, easy to use, environmentally friendly and Irish. It is the only certified organic compost that is manufactured in Ireland. An independent scientific plant trial indicated that this compost produced better and stronger plants... Continue reading