What to do in July

Mid summer July –  Have you done it all ?

Some gardening you could do.

  1. Flowering shrubs which have finishes such as Wygelia, Syringa vulgaris’Madame Lemon’ (Lilac), Philadelphus ( mock orange), in order to enjoy the flowers lower down consider pruning to reduce height.
  2. Geraniums which have finished flowering cut back some will reflower again in early autumn.Keep dead heading flowers such as cosmos, dahalia’s, sweet pea and roses for repeat flowering.
  3. Sow salads and spinach for winter and early spring crops.
  4. Cut out fruit stems raspberries to their base, and tie in new canes for next years fruit.
  5. Thin apples after the ‘June drop’.Leave two or three fruit in each group for larger fruit.
  6. Take cuttings such as camellias, heathers , penstemon.
  7. Feed your tomato plants and remove axil growth on cordon plants.
  8. Keep an eye on newly planted plants for watering. The wind is very drying.Plants do better with a good soaking once a week, as using a hose can sometimes just give a useless sprinkling. Plants prefer rain water, so if you are using mains water allow it to sit for 48 hours in order for the various additives to evaporate.
  9. Plant any annuals you have sown from see, such as Nicotiana,Holyhock and Lunaria annua (Silver dollar plant).Also visit your garden centres to see what is flowering now to fill some of your planting  gaps.
  10. Take photos of your garden to help you make changes in autumn and spring.
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