Garden reopening

Mornington Garden on Saturday 23 May is welcoming those living within 5 K.

Booking is essential, we will be abiding with all regulations

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Pruner designed for smaller hands.

Designed for those with smaller hands who may prefer a smaller, lighter pruner.  It's comfortable to use yet every bit as sturdy and powerful as any other of the Felco pruners.SeScretures for small hands

This great tool is ideal for small pruning work such as grape vines, shrubs and young trees, it is also the first choice of many florists. The anvil blade is screw-mounted for easy replacement. The shorter blades facilitate closer cutting to the stem of the plant.More information



Hope you are keeping well, and as we know keeping our distance is what we all have to do. Get out into your garden as vitamin D is really important now. Between no commute and sitting at your computer, you need to stretch and breath, getting into your garden is the way forward.
For me the benefit in being able to pick my own veg, get the odd egg from my chickens is certainly something that I know really appreciate.

If you can get some seed, sprouting broccoli, perpetual spinach, leeks, carrots, lettuce ,tomatoes, herbs get planting now. You can use all sorts of containers, buckets, food trays, large pots, smaller pots, dustbins strong shopping bags. Sun flowers and corn which are big seeds easy for children .You can sow seeds in egg shells, egg cartons, make your own pots from toilet rolls, rolled paper, yogurt cartons, milk cartons lots of opportunities and remember to make sure there are drainage holes.
Seeds from a ripe tomato, sown into a shallow tray,seeds from a ripe bell pepper, seeds from a chilli pepper.
Potatoes normally you would buy certified seed potatoes, plant from your veg basket.Plant them into a container/strong bag,plant not more than 3 at a time they require space to produce lots of potatoes for your plate.

Fine compost is best for seeds. Don't have any, use garden soil, add grit if you can, no grit, add  crushed egg shells to increase drainage,.My favourite sieved sterilised leaf mould.Seeds are very tiny generally so they need to germinate in conditions with least resistance.Even placing seeds ina damp tissue, kept sealed in a warm environment can stimulate germination and then very carefully you can transplant into a container with compost.Other than leaf mould, the very fine compost at the bottom of your compost heap could be used again not ideal but not the worst.
Keep well and need help email me and I would be delighted to be of service during this vey difficult time.




Getting rid of weeds now saves so much grief later on .

Limited stock buy now

Hoeing now disturbs slug eggs, reducing their population, reducing loss of baby shoots.Osslating Hoe

A most popular tool! The double action Oscillating Hoe has an outstanding reputation for being fast and effective.  Also called the stirrup hoe.

How to use: Stand in an upright position holding the long handle. Move the hoe backwards and forwards using small movements (10-15cms) so that the hinged bladed moves back and forwards in the soil. The blade is parallel to the ground and cuts the weeds off at the root.

  • The blade of the oscillating hoe works parallel to the ground.
  • Weeds are undercut by pushing/pulling the sharp blade through the top layer of the soil.
  • Effect - weeds cut off and soil surface loosened for better air/water penetration.
  • Bllades are made of high tempered spring steel to stay sharp.
  • Hoe widths available: 85mm - 125mm (other on request).
  • Blades are screwed on for easy replacement.

Price does not include delivery

Limited stock buy now

              Postponed until September 

I have made refunds to those who have already booked and keep well.

Thank you for booking and I look forward to meeting you when we are clear of this huge challenge.

Spring/summer session   Thursday 2 April for 6 weeks.

Easter Holidays 16 & 23 April finishing up on Thursday 21 May.

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Tips and tricks to make gardening easier with  Klaus Laitenberger  

Postponed Until Further  Notice

Very excited to welcome  Klaus Laitenberger  Klaus who is one of Ireland’s and Europe’s most respected vegetable growing horticulturists, where he is renowned for his expertise in soil management and organic gardening.  In fact, he is regarded as an organic vegetable gardening expert. He writes for various vegetable growing and gardening publications specialising in organics and soil sustainability

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Botanical Mono Printing and Sketching in the Garden June 2108

Ants in the Garden

Are ants in the garden bad? The good and bad news about ants and plants. Just as a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place, insects in the wrong place are pests. Ants play a very important role in the ecology of your garden for good and for not so good. ... Ants are predator and prey since they eat the eggs of many insects and serve as food for birds, lizards, and other beneficials. Their tunnels aerate the soil and allow water and nutrients to flow directly to the plant roots. They also distribute seeds by storing them in their tunnels. The caterpillars of some butter­fly groups - read more on Blog page

Mornington May 17 2018

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