Annmarie is a great teacher…


“Annmarie is a great teacher very easy going, classes were fun and we learned a lot. Each week I looked forward to our Monday sessions, to learn how to take care of my Garden more. I would highly recommend Annmarie’s classes as she is patient and will explain everything  till you get it which is very important.”

Sharon Morgan

I really enjoyed the Monday evening classes…


“I really enjoyed the Monday evening classes that you ran in the term to Christmas. You have an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything to do with the garden, and I learnt a lot from your off the cuff comments, as well as from the prepared material for each class. The practical tips you gave, as well as quoting from the experts, were all very useful.”

Peter Cullen

Garden Design Workshop

“Thank you for organising yesterdays course. It was a very interesting day and I got lots of ideas for working on the garden this year.  

I enjoyed seeing your garden which is most impressive and you very generous with your hospitality.

I found Patricia a very pleasant person. She is very informative and knowledgeable and kept the course interesting all day. There was lots of opportunities for questions.” Tim 

Willow Weaving Workshop

“You are a natural. One can’t but be interested because of your love of what you do, comes across very strongly” Rita Drum   19 February 2017



Willow Weaving Workshop



“Absolutely wonderful day.Thank you Annmarie. Really useful and beautifully welcoming.   x Judy       19 February 2017

March Garden Visit to Mornington Garden

March Garden Visit to      Mornington Garden      2017

Thank you Annmarie for showing Cliff and me your lovely garden and for the most unusual plan Melanoselinum decipiens which we will wach with interest.     Maree Kirker

Basket Weaving

Basket Making

Thank you for hosting an enjoyable fun day. The basket weaving workshop was great. Lunch was lovely and Anne Marie welcomed everyone into her home with warmth and kindness. Ula Boyle

Christmas Wreaath making 26 November 2017

Christmas Wreath Making 26 November 2017

“Loved it, relaxing, switched off from life’s stuff, enjoyed the creative journey” Jeanne S

“Have had no flower arrangement experience, just help with church flowers, loved my morning of learning and creativity” Gillian K.

“Fab- Looking forward to next course” Elaine McG

Christmas Wreath Making 3 December

“Today was amazing, very enjoyable. Thank you” Fiona O’C

“I loved it, fun, inspiring, creative, thank you.” Mary O’B

“Welcoming, encouraging, Giving! Everyone was at ease &let their creativity flow. Many thanks for my lovely start for the festive season. Thank you”.Siofradh E.

“Super” Orla D.

“Great fun”.Carlotta

“Really enjoyed the morning.Thank you” Olive B””. Mairead O.’B

“Wonderful!’Una R

Mornington Garden No dig


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Upcoming Events

Tour to Carlow Garden Festival

Carlow Garden Festival Friday 28 July Book Now

Roy Lancaster CBE veteran Broad castor & Gardening Expert                                11 am

Paul Smith Crug Plants , Wales.                                                                                            12.15pm

Joe Swift UK & International Gardening Personality.  Walled Garden Altamont 3pm

Bus Departs Mornington Garden  at 9 pm € 70 including entry to events.

In order to travel I must have a minimum of 18 so tell your friends and booknow

Botanical Plaster Casting

Book now for this is the second time to run this very popular workshop.An exciting introduction for  beginners to the fundamental skills of plaster casting. Deirdre will take you through her unique process of capturing flowers and foliage in plaster.  Create your own fossils from Annmarie’s wonderful Mornington Garden full of specialist plants and flowers. You will take away at least  two marvellous unique works of art .  A maximum of 8 people, per workshop, this includes all flowers, materials, tools,refreshments and lunch are provided.Next workshop Saturday 22 July    10 – 4pm.

Botanical Art workshop Botanical Art workshop