Testimonials Review

“Hi Annmarie. Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful day I had at Burtown. What a treat!” – Sharon Fowle




“I had always an interest in gardening from an early age. I was fascinated to see things grow in the garden. I often made the mistake of planting in the wrong placer not knowing what type of feed to give my plants. I met Annmarie and Annmarie mentioned that she was running a class in the Dalkey Garden School in January. I enrolled in the class, the classes are held in Saval Park Road in Dalkey.” Tom Newman




“Annmarie¬†did several pieces of work for us. From planting to maintenance and everything in between.” – Barbara Moynihan, www.onyourfeet.ie


Robert explaining the importance of the Irish Oaks in the Arus Gardens


“I really enjoyed the Monday evening classes that you ran in the term to Christmas.
You have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything to do with the garden, and I learnt a lot from your off the cuff comments, as well as from the prepared material for each class.” – Peter Cullen