The Magic of Flowers This Course​

Fionnuala Fallon.

“The Magic of Flowers: Learn how to grow your own seasonal cut-flowers using sustainable, organically-approved methods as well as how to use them in creative and original ways”

Drawing on her horticultural training as well as her experience as an organic cut flower grower, Fionnuala will be showing participants the best, most eco-friendly ways to create their very own cut flower patch. The course will start with an illustrated slide-show giving a background to the flower farming movement and explaining the practicalities of propagation, site selection and preparation, offering advice on selecting the most floriferous, long-flowering, seasonal varieties plus tips on how to condition flowers for the longest possible vase life as well as the use of environmentally-friendly alternatives to floral foam. This will be followed by a questions and answers session, then a practical interactive demonstration of some of the techniques covered including seed-sowing, pricking out young seedlings and dividing plants. Participants will then learn how to make their own beautiful buttonholes/ boutonnieres using plant material foraged from Annmarie’s garden at Mornington with the focus firmly on using the widest range of plant material in creative, original ways.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anyone with a love or interest in flower-arranging who’d like to grow some of their own cut-flowers for their home, or as a supplement to their floristry business.

What do I need to bring?

Participants need to bring weatherproof clothes and a sharp secateurs.

We Like
  • Discovering the huge range of seasonal cut flower varieties (including edible kinds) that you can grow in your garden or on your allotment to use in your home or as a supplement to your floristry business

  • Learning how to grow cut-flowers using a range of time-efficient, practical techniques that are kind to the environment

  • Discovering how growing your own cut flowers opens up a world of creative possibilities, from growing seasonal flowers for a special event (weddings, christenings, other family celebrations) to the simple joy of making a buttonhole using material freshly foraged from the garden